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Featured Magic Magazines from Houdini to Siegfried and Roy to David Copperfield to David Blaine, magic magazines are here to stay. In 1972 Genii Magazine featured a special Houdini issue with Bess Houdini's final attempt to summon the spirit of her deceased husband, Harry. In 1976 Genii Magazine covered the annual academy of magical arts banquet with Siegfried and Roy being named Magicians of the Year. In 1997 Magic Magazine reviewed David Copperfield in Dreams and Nightmares on Broadway. And finally in 1999 Magic Magazine covered David Blaine, "The Magic Man. " Magic Magazines -A taste of magical history. Visit our featured magazines page often and get the feeling... of the past.

Spring 2004 Featured Magic Magazine- Genii Magazine started publication with volume 1 number 1 in September 1936. It was a monthly publication 8 1/2 x 11 in. with William W Larsen Sr. as the editor. It was originally the Official Organ of the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. Publication continues to this to this day with Richard Kaufman as the current editor. Shown here are volumes 1 number 1 the first issue and volume 1 number 2 the rare Houdini issue. The Houdini issue was limited to only 250 issues as compared to 1,000 issues of vol 1 number 1. The centerfold of the Houdini second issue is also shown.